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BreakUp Survival Guide – 2 Secret Weapons Fight Stress and Protect Health During a Bout of Lost Love

When you are suffering from a bad bout of lost love, your stress and grief can make you look and feel sick.
You may not be able to sleep, or you escape the pain in endless sleep.
You may not be able to eat, or you swallow your grief by bingeing on junk food, alcohol or drugs.
Your blood pressure and stress hormones may rise, while your mood and energy levels sink to new lows.
If you are struggling with symptoms of grief over lost love, it is in your bests interests to fight stress, control anxiety and protect your health with two secret weapons.

What is the first secret weapon?

When you want to recover from grief over lost love, your first secret weapon is to “flip the switch” from stress mode to healing mode. How?

You literally shift your focus from all the love that you’ve lost, and you choose to see all the love that’s left.

Whenever your thoughts return to sadness, fear or grief over lost love, you put up a mental Stop Sign and make a conscious choice to see all the faces of love in your life and be thankful for them.

You make a conscious mental shift from loss and dis-ease so that you can see and experience abundance, gratitude and love– which are the emotions and attitudes of healing.

What if your grief is too great to use the first secret weapon?

There are danger signs that the grieving person is in distress: weight loss or gain, substance abuse, depression, prolonged sleep disorders, physical problems, inability to handle responsibilities, talk about suicide, lack of personal hygiene.

Noticing these signs in yourself or in someone in distress is the first step to learning how to deal with the stress of lost love.

If you feel stuck in grief and long-term depression, you may need professional help. With expert guidance you will progress through the natural stages of grief, often moving from shock, denial, anger, guilt, and depression into acceptance and growth.

You also can learn how to grow through grief over lost love and celebrate the love that’s left with your second secret weapon.

What is the second secret weapon?

Stay connected to friends and family. Loneliness is a major stressor that can heighten every problem and symptom. Find emotional support. Talk about your sorrow with people who will listen. Seek comfort and counsel from people with a healthy lifestyle and a resilient, optimistic outlook about life and love.

Supportive friends will make sure you eat well and exercise. They’ll encourage you to do things that make you happy again–pamper yourself, take courses, donate time to a pet cause, meet new people, or even find a new job.

Your friends may make sure you don’t dive into a rebound relationship before you’ve recovered your physical health and self love.

Although lost love can be one of the most painful experiences we face, you can recover from grief with new strengths and a new outlook, often with a little help from your friends.

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