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Your Love Guide – Why Optimism Is A Secret Key To Healthy Relationships And Lasting Love

Do you know how to be optimistic in pessimistic times?  Find out why optimism is a secret key to healthy relationships and lasting love, and learn how to see life and love through the eyes of an optimist.

How does an optimist see life and love?

An optimist focuses on what you want.  An optimist places total energy and attention on what you choose to create in your life.  This attitude inspires actions that support and realize your optimistic views.

I often tell my online community that we all were born with an optimistic spirit.  The secret is to keep it alive.  Optimism is a choice.

When you choose to find good vibrations in bad circumstances, you see through the eyes of an optimist.  Your view is the opposite of a pessimist.

How does a pessimist see life and love?

A pessimist focuses on what you don’t want to happen in your life.  A pessimist has learned a way of thinking that focuses on obstacles, fears and negatives.  This attitude inspires actions that support and realize your pessimistic views.

When you see problems and lose sight of solutions it is not surprising that pessimists achieve less and feel less inner peace and joy than optimists.  Medical studies report that a pessimistic view blocks forward progress and positive emotions.  These blocks prevent a pessimist from loving freely and fully.

Can pessimists overcome this block to love?

In physics, the dominant vibration wins. Pessimistic thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency than optimistic thoughts.   A pessimistic way of seeing and thinking is a learned behavior that can be changed.  How?

Ask yourself what you want to create in your life, and write down your answers.

Have you made a list of all the things you want to avoid?  That’s a pessimistic habit.  You can change it.  Take a look at your list and ask yourself what is the exact opposite.

If you wrote that you don’t want to be betrayed by an unfaithful partner, rewrite it to see the positives:  I want to be loved deeply in a committed relationship with my partner.

Instead of focusing your attention and energy on what you want to avoid, you consciously choose to see the positives and solutions in each circumstance.

You consistently choose to stay focused on love and love lessons that you can learn from and grow through.

Your new way of thinking creates a new energy vibration in your body.  It’s akin to tuning into a new radio show and sending out good vibrations.

The Beach Boys hit song expresses it best:  “I’m picking up good vibrations.  She’s giving me excitations.”

Seeing through the eyes of an optimist not only helps you feel better, you’ll also attract people who pick up on your good vibrations and feel excited by it.   This new attitude can make your existing relationship feel new.

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