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Dating Cougar or Hot Catch? Why younger men pursue older women

A dating cougar is an over 40 single woman who pursues younger men, according to a blog post I just read at datingthoughts.com  Here’s the cougar stereotype:   She’s a 40+ female predator wearing a leopard outfit who buys younger men drinks in a bar while she chooses her prey who’ll make her feel younger.

Not an attractive concept.  Not accurate either, at least in my experience since my divorce. I was surprised to learn that younger men often pursue older women.  In fact, single women over 40 and 50 that I know often are pursued online and off by younger men who say the girls their age only want marriage, babies and material trimmings.

Some younger men tell me an older woman has moved beyond those phases so she’s more interested and experienced in connecting on many deep levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and gaining immense pleasure from this.  That’s what makes an older woman a hot catch to a younger man who pursues her.

Do you see the attraction?  Do you see how a depth of intimacy can transcend age and chronology and possibly lead to marriage?  I wrote about this type of connection in TRIBE OF BLONDES, in the chapter about a darling younger man named PETLOVR4U (his online dating name).

Have you had a similar experience that you’d like to share here?  Write a note in the comment box below this post.

I also wrote about a younger man who pursued an older woman for different reasons.  He seemed to be a pleasure predator, as implied in the term for a female COUGAR. A pleasure predator can be male or female. No judgment intended. I’m simply stating observations of character profile.

Love Outlaw was the term I used for a pleasure predator in the song and scenes I wrote about him in Chapter One:  Mountains VS. Men.

After my unsatisfying experience with the Love Outlaw, I joined a lunch-time matchmaking service and was introduced to dozens of lunch dates–mostly delightful men my age or older. I wrote about that in another post: Date 250 Men?

I’m sure there are many reasons younger men pursue older women as a hot catch.  What shall we call these wise young men?  I like the term hot catch for a wise, passionate woman they desire. If you’d like to share your ideas, let’s start a dialogue.  Please write a note in the comment box below this post.

Hope to meet you again here soon and often for tips to create or improve relationships!


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