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Dating Guide – How Do You Love Your Way To A Happy Relationship?

Emerson once said that when we travel the world to find the beautiful, we must carry it within us or we find it not. This also is true when we search the world to find love. It doesn’t matter if we’re meeting potential love matches on global dating sites or in a local grocery store. It’s the love within us that attracts love like a love magnet. You can boost your magnetic attraction when you take three simple steps now:

Step 1. Energize your best qualities

Rev up your healthy self love when you take a tender inventory of your strengths, as if holding a precious gem up to the light so that you can see all its beautiful facets.

First, you can polish away smudges of self doubt, so that you get a clear view of your loving qualities, hidden talents, unique sense of humor, lively imagination, kind honesty, forgiving heart, endless resilience and inner peace and joy. We all have these qualities inside. The secret is to let them shine through. And you do this as you take —

Step 2. Embrace your flaws

What if your negative thoughts or personal weaknesses often cloud your view of your best you?

What you resist, persists. What you hide won’t be denied. So take a tender inventory of your flaws and love them, too.

Flaws lose power in the presence of healthy self love and positive action, because the dominant vibration always wins. When you love yourself unconditionally, flaws and all, you’re ready to take —

Step 3. Make Loving Promises To You

You can set and keep healthy boundaries in your life and relationships when you promise yourself to make choices that support your well being and nurture healthy joy.

Use your inner joy barometer to help you choose your thoughts, actions, friends, foods, social, fitness and work activities. If something compromises your values or causes pain, you can make better choices that inspire joy.

Radiating joyful well being is another love magnet. You will attract a love match whose love magnet is as powerful as yours. On this loving path, you’re bound to create a happy relationship.

And couples can use these three love tips to move from boredom to bliss. What if you’re single and seeking a happy relationship?

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