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Episode 39 – 3 Ways To Increase Your Love Luck In The Bedroom

World-renowned Feng Shui Master, Mohan Deep, reveals 3 simple ways you can create a feng shui miracle in your love life by the way you arrange and use your bedroom. Here is my summary of his teachings.

3 Ways to Increase Your Love Luck In the Bedroom:

1. Balance the yin and yang energy

You spend a third of your life asleep so the feng shui of your bedroom is vitally important. Yin energy is peaceful, and the bedroom used to be reserved for lovemaking and sleep. With space at a premium, office equipment entered the bedroom and added active yang energy, which should not dominate peaceful yin energy. Balanced harmony is best.

2. Clear negative energy

You need to remove negative energy of frustration, depression, anger, fear that often arises during divorce or a breakup. Giving away your clothes you once wore is one way to let go of your past. Remove all living plants from your bedroom because they emit carbon dioxide at night.

3. Add symbols of love and happiness and remove symbols that clash

Fire is the element that plays a vital role in your love life. Water clashes with fire, so water or images of water do not belong in your bedroom. Adding red candles sparks the fire of desire. Moon energy streaming in from a full moon balances yang energy of the sun and increases your love luck.

Ideally, you’ll make these 3 simple changes to create a feng shui miracle in your love life.

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