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Great Sex – Are You Ready To Get Your Share In A Wild Summer Fling?

If you are single and seeking a great sexual relationship, take this Love Test to find out if you are ready for a wild summer fling.

1. Do you ever feel sexually deprived, as if every adult is having great partnered sex except for you?

2. Do you ever resent your ex for breaking up with you and forcing you into a carnal fast you can’t seem to break?

3. Do you see the spring buds turning into summer flowers and wonder why you’re not in a budding romance?

4. Have you read that sexual healing prolongs your life, and you’re afraid you may die young if you don’t get your share of sex soon?

5. Are you wondering if you’re too darn picky and that’s why you’re not having wild sex?

6. Could you rattle off a few other excuses that stop you from sparking up a sexual relationship?

Your Love Test Results:

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be ready for romance.

What’s stopping you from finding a romantic partner for a wild summer fling?

Are you unwilling to pursue a passionate sexual connection without being in a committed, loving relationship?
Did your past experience with casual sex feel like riding a wave of pleasure in a sea of pain?
Would a wild fling feel as nourishing as catching a fish, throwing it back and going to bed hungry?

If you’re chuckling at these excuses, you may be ready to hit the bars to find a partner who’s up for some fleeting pleasure.

If you answered YES to any of these reasons for your resistance, you may prefer the full meal deal over a wild summer fling.

You will support your well being if you hold out for a mutual spark of chemistry combined with common interests and core values. This is an intimate connection that unites you in a real relationship with your great love, and it only feels like a wild summer fling when the sex is great.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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