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Love Guide. Learn How A Sacred Spring Will Nourish Love In Your Intimate Relationship

Hindus believe that bathing in the Ganges River washes away sins. Christians cleanse the soul with holy water. You are about to transcend the boundaries of a religious ceremony and find out how couples can use a sacred spring to start fresh and nourish love in your intimate relationship.

What is a sacred spring?

I discovered the answer several years ago during a hike with a man I was dating. We were walking with his parents on the dusty red earth of his family’s former ranch in Northern New Mexico. They had to sell the property in the high mountain desert after his father had developed heart trouble and doctors had advised him to move to a home in lower altitude that placed less stress on his heart.

While they enjoyed their new life at sea level in the east, they were drawn to the natural beauty of the mountains and to the power of the sacred spring on their former property. They had been granted permission by the new owners of their ranch to visit the property during their rare and precious travel there. I felt honored to be included on their family trek to the sacred spring.

It was tucked away in an evergreen cluster of pinon trees (which produce delicious pine nuts every 7 years). It was a surprisingly tiny spring that trickled down a rocky incline and puddled into mother nature’s cupped hands made of soggy red earth.

My date and his parents took turns dipping their hands in the water and washing their faces, clearly enjoying it’s refreshing chill on a warm summer day.

As I eagerly took my turn, my date said that I was washing away my mask and letting my true radiance shine through.

Patting my cheeks, I felt a rush of joy bubble up as I shrieked, “Wow. How does the spring get that power?”

My date looked at his parents and they grinned. They looked back at me, still smiling. I instantly understood the meaning of their silent delight. With a lighter heart, we began our procession back to the car.

How do you find your sacred spring?

How do you cleanse the masks you wear in daily life and wash away anything that blocks your true joy and love?

Will you choose a sacred place for this ritual and journey there with your loved ones to enrich your relationships?

Do you see how your own sacred spring will help couples start fresh and nourish love in your intimate relationship?

Dedicated to your relationship happiness,


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