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Love Test – Find The Best Answer To Every Question With 3 Love Tips

I’m about to reveal a simple system to help you find the best answer to every question. First, you find the love in the situation. Then you take action inspired by love and monitor the feedback you receive.


If you don’t get the response you desire, then you can find a different aspect of love that elicits the response you want.

Do you find yourself resisting this idea? Are you trying to find questions in which love isn’t the best answer?

If so, you’ve just identified a big reason why you may not experience genuine love in a romantic relationship or in your interactions with people you care about. Would you like to break through this block to love?

All it requires is a simple shift in your thinking. Here are 3 simple ways to make this shift into love:

1. Think of love as a win-win for everyone involved in any situation.

Isn’t this the best solution to any issue? To achieve this solution, all you do is ask yourself how you can create a win-win answer to every question. Then take action and pay attention to the feedback. Make needed changes for optimal love.

2. Think of love as a magnet.

When two magnets are aligned perfectly, they attract each other. How can you align your best qualities with those in the people you love? This is how you bring out the best in each other and create a powerful love magnet in relationships.

3. Think of love as a YES, AND…, instead of a NO.

Think of all the NOs you are saying in your daily life. Do you see how they may be blocking you from making positive changes in your life and in your relationships?

Now try an experiment to find the love. When you’re about to say another NO, take a breath and think of ways you might find a YES AND, by adding something positive and then building on that.

Shifting your thinking from a NO to a YES, AND… will make a magical shift in your love barometer in every day life, at work and in your relationships.

Let us know how you use these 3 smart love tips to find the best answer to every question. Feel free to share your experiences in the comment box after this post.

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Dedicated to our dating and relationship happiness,

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