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Romantic BioPic – What Can The Marriage Of O'Keeffe and Steiglitz Teach Us About Love?

In a film documentary shot when Artist Georgia O’Keeffe was in her 90s, she said that she fell in love at first sight with the mountains of New Mexico. That’s why she moved to there to paint her vision of the landscapes during the last 50 years of her life.

In a new romantic Biopic about O’Keeffee’s marriage to photographer Alfred Steiglitz, we may sense that it was lust at first sight with her then-married mentor and her future husband.

How did his first marriage end and theirs begin and endure until death parted them?

Their complicated relationship will be brought to life onscreen by Award-winning actors Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons in a Lifetime film for television that premieres in September, 2009.

In April, I’d caught a glimpse of the chemistry between these two actors from my vantage point of front-row seats for the disappointing Broadway production of “Impressionism,” starring Irons and Allen. As I watched them try but fail to add meat to the thin bones of a lightweight relationship set in the art world, I felt that production had wasted their life force as actors and ours as the audience.

Now I am thrilled that these soulful actors are reuniting to play meaty characters in this film portrait of two artists involved in a complex relationship.

Ten years after her death at age 99, Georgia’s memory and mystique remain alive and well in New Mexico – where I also fell in love at first sight with the mountains and with my tribe of supportive friends.
Georgia had moved to New Mexico after the death of her husband. And I spent more and more time there during my break up and after divorce.

What draws artists, authors and newly-single men and women there?

New Mexico radiates a creative, healing energy that inspires you to start fresh as it brings out the best in you, despite the challenges you’re going through. That’s a sign of a great relationship.

And I expect we’ll see many of these signs in this Lifetime film, even though much of the film takes place before Georgia moves to the land of enchantment.

What can this Biopic about the legendary marriage of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Steiglitz teach us about love?

Like you, I didn’t get a chance to preview this film for television. So we’ll have to tune into the Lifetime Television to discover the love tests and love lessons we all can learn in scenes from this celebrity marriage.

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