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Trump’s America. US Refugees Fearing Their Safety Flee to Canada?

Election 2016 proved there officially are two Americas. Half of America is home to angry, mostly uneducated voters who chose untested change over reason and experience by electing the reality TV star and failed businessman, Donald Trump, as president.

In the aftershocks of Trump’s victory, the other half of Americans and the rest of the world wonder:

Will the Donald default on America’s creditors by filing bankruptcy as “good business”– like he did to his own workers and creditors in 5 or 6 bankruptcies he filed?

Will the untested, unstable Trump make good on his threat to annihilate global adversaries (and potentially end civilization), “We have nuclear weapons. Why aren’t we using them?”

Will the Donald follow the lead of Adolf Hitler, whose book of speeches was Trump’s bedtime reading (said Trump’s first ex-wife, Ivana)?

Will the election of Trump, a boastful sexual abuser of women, give a green light to other sexual predators?

Will Trump steal medical coverage from 20 million new subscribers by cancelling their affordable care act coverage without replacing it with an affordable alternative?

Will trusting Americans continue to fall for Trump’s lies, as did students of the failed Trump University until they discovered Trump’s scam and sued him to recover their losses?

Did Trump voters short the market, anticipating that his victory will trigger a crash?
(What do you think?)

Will Trump need to make good on his threat to build a wall to keep Mexicans out, when his new challenge may be keeping educated, upwardly-mobile Americans in the US while the untested, unstable Trump is in power?

Moving to Canada is a top search term on google.

American refugees fearing for their safety in Trump’s America may apply for residency in Canada by completing a refugee application. Sponsorship to help with the cost of the application and relocating to Canada also is available.

Check out the 11 steps to make your move at this link:

God bless America and the world.

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