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Your Love Guide – What's Wrong With Giving Your All In A Romantic Relationship?

When you are the accelerator in a romantic relationship, you move forward as a couple because of your endless efforts. Learn what’s wrong with constantly giving your all to your partner. And find out how to shift the focus and let your partner accelerate progress in your love life.

What is a relationship accelerator?

A man or woman may become the driving force who sets the pace and progress in a romantic relationship. If you make most of the plans and initiate contact and physical intimacy, you are a relationship accelerator who gives your all to move your relationship forward.

What’s wrong with giving your all in a relationship?

A good relationship balances giving and receiving between partners. Giving your all without receiving similar enthusiasm, focus or support is a one-sided relationship. It’s as lopsided as one-sided communication, where one partner is doing all the talking or all the listening.

If you are consistently giving your all to promote the progress in your relationship, you may not be good at receiving. Or you may fear that your partner would end the relationship if you stopped giving your all.

If you’re a giver, how do you gain a new balance between give and take?

A giver can learn to receive.
Start by accepting compliments, instead of deflecting them.
Permit yourself to ask for a favor, often–until you feel comfortable asking for help and expressing thanks.
Accept an act of kindness without feeling you owe a big debt or bigger favor in return.
Request a shift in a relationship pattern–Will you surprise me by planning our next date?
Take a close look at your strengths and the wonders of you, so that you see what others appreciate in you.

What if your partner doesn’t like this change?

Your partner in a romantic relationship may like to be spoiled by the giver in you.
If you ask them to give more in the relationship, they may put on the brakes and end things.
That’s good news, since a total receiver won’t nourish and support your best interests in a long-term relationship.
Moving on will free you to meet a love match who wants to know and be known, love and be loved, give and receive in balanced efforts to create a healthy romantic relationship.

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