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Double Your Income Doing What You Love Part 4 – Using The Success Secret of Happy Couples

Thus far in our series, you’ve achieved your goals “AutoMagically”, taken new actions to get new results you love and discovered 6 pathways to the richest, fullest life possible.

Now you’ll discover the love habit that builds great relationships in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with guest, Raymond Aaron. He’s a co-author of a Chicken Soup For the Soul book, acclaimed success mentor and a NY Times best-selling author of Double Your Income Doing What You Love. He gives you a FREE book, so continue reading.

HF: I’ve got a personal question about creating A Lasting Love, Raymond. I know how often you travel for business, speaking at events around the world. I’m wondering how you stay close and connected to your wife and family even while work keeps you apart so often.

RA: It doesn’t matter if you’re gone a lot like I am or if you’re home all the time. Everyone wants a great relationship. With over a 50% rate of divorce today, you increase your odds of your relationship succeeding when your partner has great respect for you and you show your appreciation often.

I thank my wife every day for how wonderful she is and for creating a great home life and happy relationship. Respecting, being in awe of and feeling impressed with your partner’s abilities and qualities help you sustain romance and love.

HF: You have a success secret for increasing levels of respect in personal and professional relationships. How do we start?

RA: The best way to increase respect is to write a book about something you know and love, and show others how to do this. I wrote my first book at 22, and my boss gave me a $5000 raise for being a published writer, even though my book had nothing to do with my job duties and I’d self-published it.

When you use my patented formula, 10-10-10, I’ll personally help you write your non-fiction book of 10 chapters in 10 hours. In 10 weeks you’ll get the finished book in your hands to give away like it’s your a business card or sell it on amazon.

HF: I’d spent a few years writing several drafts of my novel, TRIBE OF BLONDES, about the adventures of breakup survivors seeking love online and happiness in relationships. I just signed up for your 10-10-10 program, which streamlines the writing process for my first non-fiction book.

Here’s my book title and tag line: “9-1-1 Breakup Survival Guide – The Fastest, Surest Way to Heal Heartbreak, Get Over A Breakup And Get On The Happiness Track So You Will Find Love Again, Even Better Than Before.”

You can see that I’m writing about one area of my expertise as America’s Love Guide. So you could write your book about your own career expertise, or about a special talent or hobby, a vision that could change the world, or any topic that makes you come alive.

RA: If you’re thinking that you don’t know what you should write about, I personally help you choose your best topic when you register for my program. For example, one of my clients is a real estate broker who shows people How To Get Into A Bigger House For Less Money. So that became the title of her book, which will set her apart from all other brokers and build respect in her clients, colleagues, family, friends, as well as her spouse.

You can do this, too. Once I help you choose your title and topic, you simply follow my step-by-step blueprint to write 10 chapters in 10 hours of your time and in 10 weeks you will get the published book in your hands.

HF: It’s common wisdom that everyone has at least one book inside of them. Sharing your insights and stories will be fun and fast when you use Raymond’s 10-10-10 system to write your book. I’m starting my program this month, so check back here in 10 weeks to see my new book cover on my website.

RA: Hadley, I’d like to give your community a gigantic savings on my 10-10-10 program which is several thousand dollars online. You can buy my program for only $787 at Own The Edge With Finch. That’s the link that I set up for Hadley Finch’s community.

HF: What does it mean to own the edge?

RA: Owning the edge means you get the competitive edge over everybody else whose marriages aren’t doing well, over other sales people or employees. You will make more money. You will not only have the edge, you will own the edge when I help you write your book faster than you ever thought possible.

Writing a book will dramatically increase your own self esteem and your odds of having a fabulous relationship because of the respect your partner has for you. It’s the most powerful way to improve your visibility, your credibility, your authority. On top of that, you’ll dramatically increase your income by doing something you’ll love, with my help.

Register now for your 10-10-10 program for only $787 today, and get your 10 chapter book written in 10 hours of your time and into your hands in 10 weeks.

HF: And remember to get your FREE download of Raymond Aaron’s NY Times best-selling book, Double Your Income Doing What You Love, when you click here now. I know you’ll love using these exciting success secrets to transform your life, work and relationships.

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Hadley Finch

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