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Video Tribute to Romantic Comedies – What Makes Women Adorable?

In honor of Bridesmaids release, enjoy a video ode to the clichés of romantic comedies that make leading women likeable in film.

“‘To make a woman adorable,’ one female successful screenwriter says, ‘you have to defeat her at the beginning… It’s as simple as making the girl cry, fifteen minutes into the movie.’ Relatability is based on vulnerability, which creates likeability. With male characters, smoking pot, getting drunk, and lying around watching porn is likeable; with females, the same conduct is hateful. So funny women must not only be gorgeous; they must fall down and then sob, knowing it’s all their fault.” — Tad Friend in The New Yorker, April 11, 2011

How can you be vulnerable and likeable without falling down?

Live more from your heart than your mind. Follow the intuitive wisdom in your heart, which often is revealed in a whisper. Sshhh! When you listen and take action from your heart, the feeling you create in yourself and others is a tender, compassionate, comforting, likeable Aahhhh!

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