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A Course In Dating Miracles

A Fatal Dating Mistake. Are You Leaving A Dating Relationship For Dead Without Doing Couples CPR?

What happens when you feel sparks of mutual delight in a dating relationship, and then a red flag appears? Do you run at the first sign of trouble without explaining your reasons or giving your date a chance to self correct? Leaving a dating relationship for dead without doing couples CPR can be a fatal dating mistake. Read three things you can do instead to revive the loving heartbeat in a dating relationship.

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Relationship Tip: Make A Date With Your Personal Genie To Grant Your Every Wish For Greater Love And Happiness

Are you enjoying a passionate, inspiring relationship? Do you have a wish-list of ways you could experience more love and happiness with your intimate partner? Get out your wish list and make a date with your personal Genie to grant your every wish to spark up your relationship. This is not a magical pipe dream. This is a real plan to help you realize your relationship dreams when you make your Genie date.

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Will My Top 10 Dating Resolutions For 2009 Help Singles Fulfill Your Dating Dreams?

Do you want to fulfill your dating dreams in the new year? Do you have some dating habits that you like and some that you would like to change? Are you willing to make some new year's dating resolutions that are real goals instead of vague promises to change? Read My Top Ten Dating Resolutions and then write your own list of dating goals and start doing what it takes to fulfill your dating dreams this year.

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