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Love Guide – Do You Know Why Love Isn't Enough To Hold You In A Romantic Relationship?

When is love not enough in a romantic relationship? This was the reason my former husband used when he asked me for a divorce, and I thought he'd lost his mind. When author James Arthur Ray explains why love isn't enough to hold a relationship together, I finally understand the reasoning and see it as another Love Test. Can your relationship pass this Love Test?

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"In Treatment" – Is Newly-Divorced Therapist Played By Gabriel Byrne Ready For A Dating Relationship?

The boundary-challenged therapist in the HBO series, In Treatment, is now a single man. Last season, the soulfully conflicted therapist played by Gabriel Byrne had tormented himself and his mid-life wife over his feelings for a younger patient who came onto him like a 20-something Lolita. Their unconsummated yet life-changing relationship was the catalyst for his divorce and his move to Brooklyn to start fresh. Is he ready for a dating relationship? Would you date him so soon after divorce?

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Your Love Guide. How To Design An Ideal Relationship Like An Architect And Pritzker Prize Winner

Design a relationship with great passion, devotion, integrity and beauty that endures. Take your design cue from an award-winning architect who seeks inspiration in his safe haven on the mountaintop and pares down architecture to its barest, most sumptuous essentials.

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Love Tests Of Spring. Discover Love Lessons I Learned From A Cardinal And His Own Worst Enemy

This morning I woke to the sounds of spring. The sun had barely risen when a cardinal repeatedly banged on my window. Bang, bang, bang--all day long. I'd almost forgotten how this wacky bird did the same thing last spring, when I was too busy writing my novel to ask myself an important question: What is this bird trying to tell me? You're about to explore some love lessons in the way birds face the Love Tests Of Spring.

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Want To Avoid A Break Up? Will You Stop Making 3 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Romantic Relationship?

Is your romantic relationship on the rocks? Are you feeling under-appreciated, overlooked or ready to move on? If those feelings aren't handled in a healthy, constructive way between you and your partner, you may be heading for a break up. Would you rather avoid a break up and spark up your relationship? Instead of blaming your partner for your troubles, take a look at three ways you may be ruining your romantic relationship, and learn how to change that today.

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